I Love Arugula Lady

Eating out in Shanghai is really easy. No tip & tax? Dinner for $5USD? Too easy. So when I desire to feel the rush of accomplishment gained from cooking an inexpensive, healthy meal for myself with my own two hands, I pay a visit to our beloved “Arugula Lady” aka “Avocado Lady” aka “Basil Lady” on Wulumuqi Road.

arugula lady
Arugula lady is one smart cookie because she knows her laowai market. She’s always got stuff that the other vegetable sellers don’t – fresh basil, frisée, blocks of parmesan, and balls of fresh mozzarella for only $17RMB. Half the price and much better quality than FeiDan.

I picked up some veggies from her for a grand total of $18RMB (~$2.50USD), and with some ingredients in the kitchen, was able to whip up a lil somethin’ somethin’.

Eggplant and Kabocha cooked simply with garlic.

tagliatelle with shiitake
Tagliatelle with shiitake mushrooms

And the next day I twisted things up a bit to make:
Kabocha Tagliatelle
Tagliatelle with kabocha & cream, porkchop with thyme

Don’t forget to hit up Arugula Lady when you brush the dust off your stoves!

Ms. Jiang Qin, “Arugula Lady”
274 Wulumuqi Lu at Wu Yuan Lu
+86 6437 7262

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  1. i thought her name was alugura rady

  2. lol, good one

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