Phat in Shanghai: Rendezvous

I can’t believe once upon a time, the delicious chili-coconut broth of laksa had never touched my tongue. Because now, it pretty much rules my life. I’m obsessed with the laksa from Orchard and was very interested in trying it at some of the other joints around town. So with a Singaporean in tow, I headed for Rendezvous for a laksa fix.

oyster omelette shanghai rendezvous
We shared the oyster omelette, which was very good. The egg was nice and fluffy and studded with little oysters. I like it with plenty of belacan-laced chili.

rendezvous shanghai laksa
The main event! I was so excited when this dish arrived, but very confused the moment I dipped my chopsticks into the soup. The laksa had so much coconut milk it in, the noodles were basically sitting in a coconut cream! I couldn’t taste anything except coconut and the entire dish was very hard to eat. Super duper fail, Rendezvous!

In my disappointment, I forgot to photograph the other dishes we ordered. We shared beef and chicken satay, which was delicious. The chicken is a better choice, its juicier and easier to remove from the skewer. We also had an order of very bland, lifeless mee goreng noodles, and chai tow kway, or fried daikon cake with egg. We had the dark version, which is cooked with sweet soy sauce. It was pretty good.

Probably won’t be going back to Rendezvous any time soon, but I look forward to trying out other Singaporean spots in Shanghai! Laksa 4 Lyfe!


1486 Nanjing Road at Tongren Lu
Kerry Centre, Unit 107
+86 21 5298-6126

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  1. Have you tried the Prima Taste Premixes? It’s really quite good.

    I used to bring them over when I lived in NYC…for my fix. :)

    Anyway, thank you for writing. Will be visiting Shanghai in a few months time and am researching on restaurants.

  2. Leykwon the Chef

    no, but my singaporean freind was just telling me about them! must try!!

  3. i read somewhere that you like blood cockles, and now laksa.
    in that case, you must make a trip down to sunnt singapore soon. we cook blood cockles in your laksa.
    simply heaven.

  4. Leykwon the Chef

    sweet baby jesus. i can’t wait to go to singapore!

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